Thursday, December 16, 2010

...just too many types of flour!

I’ll admit it… there are just too many types of flour to choose when baking. There’s all-purpose flour, bread flour, buckwheat flour, cake flour, gluten flour, instant flour pastry flour, rice flour, self-rising flour, semolina flour, splet flour, teff flour, whole-wheat flour, soy flour, quinoa flour, organic bread flour and even gluten-free flour to name a few. 

Now, I am a casual baker, so all- purpose flour has always proven to be my best option. It’s versatile enough for everything from cakes to breads; and, most importantly, it is the cheapest and most common flour found in my local grocery store. Besides, if a recipe calls for a special type of flour and all I have is all purpose flour (which is always the case), I simply add two (2) tablespoons more per cup when baking breads to increase the amount of protein and subtract two (2) tablespoons less per cup when baking cakes and cookies to decrease the amount of protein.

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